Where has Shelby been?

Hey guys! It feels like forever since I have sat down at my computer to type anything besides a cover letter or to update my resume. Since I started this blog in the middle of my very last semester at NMSU and graduating from NMSU, my life has been a whirlwind.


Sarah + Bennie

It is one of the most exciting things when a high school/4-H friend finds the one they want to spend the rest of their life with, and then they ask YOU to capture this love! *heart eye emojis*

This shoot was so much fun at a great farm property in Albuquerque. I loved seeing how perfectly their personalities fit together and how cute they are together! I can’t wait to watch them get married this winter!

Change is a good thing, right?

Since the beginning of my photography career, my absolute favorite pictures were rodeo pictures. I loved the action, the angles, and specifically the wreck photos.

I spent my time learning from rodeo photographers, messing with my own camera setting to get the shots that I loved, and knew the competitors would love. With my dad being a judge for the NM Rodeo Association, National Little Britches Rodeo Association, and Indian Rodeo Cowboy Association, my family spent a lot of time on the road and at rodeos. I continued to take photos of the competitors that I knew, most being bull riding and bronc riding. I learned they timing so that I wouldn’t have to just hold the button down hoping for the best. Timing is HUGE in rodeo photography. The more I practiced, the better the shots got. I learned the shots they wanted, what got them excited to post about.

Dream Chaser, or more like CAPTURER

I’m not even sure if “capturer” is a word, but that is who I am and what I do, and what I might want to do for the rest of my life. You see, 14 years ago during my first year in the Bosque Farms 4-H club I signed up for the Photography 1 project. With a weird, very inexpensive square camera I went to my first project meeting. I saw all the awesome quality pictures the other kids cameras were taking and was pretty jealous, but I also couldn’t help but think I was still taking cooler pictures. After that, I soon upgraded to a better point and shoot camera, you know those ones every tourist and mom has. I saved for three years to buy my first “fancy” camera and two lenses to go with it. And when I finally bought it, that would go down as one of the best days of my life!